March 18th, 2022

Everything you need to know (for now)

Prerequisites: pfpid manifesto.

What is pfpid?

pfpid is a crypto identity primitive. Each pfpid is a non-transferrable NFT; it is locked to your Ethereum wallet and can only be purchased once you have verified your real-world identity. Think of it as your blockchain ID card.

Why own a pfpid?

pfpid is a next-generation, utility-centric project; it’s not like NFT projects you may have previously been involved in.

The first wave of generative NFTs (punks, apes etc.) did a lot to advance the space, but the next generation of projects will be embedded in bigger structures, where functionality and utility are prioritised. pfpid is one of those projects.

Being a pfpid holder unlocks several benefits. Since each pfpid NFT stores an immutable reference to your identity, it can be used for:

pfpid is an uncapped collection. Everyone will get an opportunity to mint one, and unlock the benefits that come with being a holder.

Types, Roles and Variants

Very Early

Discord community members that join before the 14th of April will be tagged with a VERY EARLY role. This role grants you presale access to minting a limited edition VERY EARLY pfpid. These pfpids inherit the VERY EARLY label and are visually distinguishable from other pfpids. This is your reward for supporting the project before anyone else did. Verified holders will get access to the VERY EARLY HOLDER role in Discord. The presale mint will take place before the public mint, but your pfpid artwork will only be revealed on the 14th of April.


On the 14th of April, the public mint will begin. For the first 72 hours, anyone who participates will mint a limited edition EARLY pfpid. These pfpids inherit the EARLY label, and verified holders will get access to the EARLY HOLDER role in Discord.


Every pfpid minted from the 17th of April onwards will inherit the MEMBER label. Verified holders will get access to the MEMBER HOLDER role in Discord.


Looks rare.


Your pfpid is a digital ID card. It comprises two parts: the card and the background.

The card will include your name, real-world (human) profile picture, your pfpid type (VERY EARLY, EARLY or MEMBER), a sequential ID, and an issue date. These details are minted to the blockchain and publicly available. Everything else is stored securely off-chain, and only accessible on your terms.

The background for each pfpid is a unique piece of digital artwork which is randomly generated just-in-time during the minting process. There are 8 billion possible artwork configurations for each pfpid; enough for every human on earth. The global style of the background changes depending on your pfpid type and variant. When the card and background are combined, the resulting artwork is entirely unique.

Mint Date

The public mint will take place on the 14th of April 2022. Presale for VERY EARLY community members will take place the week before. The mint price will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Next Steps

To become a VERY EARLY member, join the pfpid Discord.