March 1st, 2022


Web3 has embraced anonymity and pseudonymity. The ecosystem has become reminiscent of the early internet days of cryptic usernames, avatars and illustrated pfps.

This veiled universe has allowed early communities to flourish and people to protect themselves; but it creates some issues. Sometimes online, it’s important to know that the person you’re interacting with is who they claim to be. The social platforms of Web2 achieved this with the blue tick; an exclusive club of confirmed ‘real people’. But what if there was a blue tick for the rest of us? A validated, sovereign and public way for you to prove you are the person behind your presence on the internet.

Enter the pfpid.

We’ve built a tool for anyone on the internet to verify their real identity and share it with the world on their terms. Think of it as a soulbound proof-of-identity, locked to your Ethereum wallet and interoperable with Web3.

The first wave of generative pfp collections did so much to advance the space, but artists like Pak have led the way in demonstrating that the next generation of NFT projects will be embedded in bigger structures, where functionality and utility are prioritised. pfpid is one of those projects.

As much as we’re excited to roll out the utility roadmap of pfpid, we’re equally excited to see how the community adapts this identity primitive for their own use cases. So join the Discord, tell us your ideas and look forward to the launch on April 14th.

pfpid team